Why does this need to exist?


This is an excellent question. A question that has plagued me and prevented me from doing this until now. To be honest it’s probably equal parts vanity, therapy, ambition, and curiosity. Vanity because there has to be a bit of that when you start an endeavor in which you are at the epicenter. Therapy since in these conversations I hope to work out my hopes, anxieties, concerns, and dreams with the people I will speak with and all of you fine folks. Ambition because in these talks I hope to learn things to push myself forward and since every job these days wants you to have website, if I am going to be honest. And lastly curiosity because at my core, I revel in the discovery of something new whether it be an idea, an image, a concept, or an experience.

I have been blessed to have worked in the art world, education and consulting and have crossed paths with some of the most interesting and conscientious people anyone could hope to meet. They have all addressed our most hairy and most pressing problems through the lens of business, tech, and art.

Strap on your seat belts and let’s take this ride together.